The Green River Narrows Race was first organized by Leland Davis in the fall of 1996 with a modest field of 16 racers. It has since grown into the greatest show in all of sports. No other prize in the sport of whitewater kayaking is more coveted than the piece of glass so graciously donated each year by Todd Grafe. With names like Tommy Hilleke, Jason Hale, Clay Wright, Al Gregory, Pat Keller, and Andrew Holcombe claiming the top spot there is no doubt the race attracts the best of the best.
Yet for most of the over 100 entries The Green Race has attracted in recent years the event represents a more personal challenge. For most it’s about simply posting their time. Knowing that on the first Saturday of November you laid it all out in front of a crowd of over 1000 spectators. Every Green Racer knows there is nothing like the feeling of being on the start line listening to the final countdown! Always free and always the first Saturday of November there is no excuse to not come out and post your time.
Since the first issue of LVM we have been promoting the racers and event itself. Enjoy the archived clips on this website and may all your Green Race lines be good ones!